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November 24, 2011
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What happens when everything you know becomes a question?
When you thought you knew something, someone, anything,
and you begin to think twice.
Think twice and doubt what you once knew.
The questions sprint through your mind,
the feeling is uneasy and evolves into panic;
panic that you now know nothing.
Nothing is sure, set in stone, known.
It is all a question,
unanswered and brainwashing

What happens when you are a disappointment?
When you want something so badly,
but it turns out you cannot have it.
It's all you ever wanted,
your dream, your light at the end of the tunnel.
And suddenly it goes pitch black.
Denied, rejected, declined, thrown out
All because you were not "good" enough
You were not tall enough, small enough,
fast enough, smart enough,
or you just could not do it.
Disappointment at its fullest.
Too this, too that,
not what we are looking for.
You did not make the cut,
you did not reach the standard,
you did not catch our eye.

What happens when the world says no to your dreams?
Where do you even go from there?
Expected to start a new?
Ruined, detached, put down, voided.
When you life is ripped from its roots,
where do you go next?
How do you go on?
Where do you find the strength to continue?

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