"Me and the thought of you "

November 24, 2011
By Angie123 GOLD, Madison, Alabama
Angie123 GOLD, Madison, Alabama
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I would stand on the edge.
I would take a shot.
I would stand in the middle as the headlights came closer.

As soon as i jumped i would scream your name.
AS i lay on the ground with a bullet threw my chest,i would cry for you.
As i lay on the car i would see you in my broken mind.

As I fall to my death, I would dream of you catching me.
As I bleed my life out, I would sing our song.
As they try to save me, I would smile with the thought of you .

No matter what I do, I think of you .
As my angel flies to heaven, I would be there beside you.

The author's comments:
This I dedicate to my Jacob. I miss him all the time when I am not around him. This is how I feel when I am away from him.

1-1-11 :)

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