A Soul From Me

November 24, 2011
By Feli-whiteChapel BRONZE, Boaz, Alabama
Feli-whiteChapel BRONZE, Boaz, Alabama
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Here i am starting a generation.
Waiting to be touched,
Waiting for the fresh air to softly kiss me, to start over.
I live for about 100 years or so,
Then I blossom and die.
My hollow wounds, I receive.
Is it because of all my friends that come and make sweet homes?
Or is it because they're happy but they don't realize?
I too have emotions.
Little children fantasize me as the eerie jack o lantern face with pointed sharp teeth, I'm not spooky.
You should be creating tree houses,
I'd be sparkling.
Carve a heart on me,
You'd actually give me life.
At least I make you grin.
Sometimes I desire for the air to capture me away.
Once in my lifetime I'd want eyes to blast away with tears.
But, the Lord created me for a reason,
To help YOU breathe
To provide shelter...
I received a heart from the Lord, to give you a heart.
There I remain for another generation.

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