Why can't you see?

November 23, 2011
By redsoxdog99 BRONZE, Brunswick, Maine
redsoxdog99 BRONZE, Brunswick, Maine
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“Look at the rainbow,” I said.
“Look at the colors, look at it bend.
It curves right over the trees.”

“It looks like a path,” I said.
A path for an angel, a path with no end.
I’ve never seen anything like it.”

My friend looked at me
With no smile, no grin.
“All I see is nature at work again.”

And so I said, “Fine.”
And looked up at the sky.

“Look at that sky.” I said.
“Look at the stars, it never ends.
The stars make shapes that I’ve never seen.”

“It looks like a painting,” I said.
“A painting of beauty, a magical land.
The moonlight is gorgeous.”

My friend looked at me
With no amazement, no charm.
“Let’s go inside where it’s warm.”

And so I said, “Fine.”
And looked up at the sky.

Can’t you see what you did?
Can’t you see what you said?
You ignored the most beautiful things in the land.

All you see is the city,
Your friends, and the cars.
The buildings that reach up to the stars.

Not everything is black and white.
But you think it is,
You see what you like.

Color is given by the shades of gray.
The things that you don’t like
Might just be okay.

The author's comments:
For English class we had to write a poem inspired by Langston Hughes. This is very loosely based off of "Ballad of the Landlord," and is also inspired by him because it is supposed to get a message across. It's against prejudice and bias, and I hope you all enjoy it!

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