Doin' Me

November 23, 2011
By SumiD SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
SumiD SILVER, Silver Spring, Maryland
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I always got something to prove

Seems like I'm at the bottom and gotta work my way up

If life is a skyscraper, I know this journeys going to be tough

What has left me speechless, What makes me scared

Is it the fact that I am careless, Or is it that I always cared

Well now ill do neither and ill only work on me

Todays relationships are like gas prices

They are always in a crisis and never are free

I'm the economy to astrology, Theres no relation

So in short i'm living on my own occasion

The stairs to sucees are looking real steep

So my chances of being at the top are real petite

Yall can calculate the slope with mx+b

But you'll get the answer wrong so just leave it to me

Go head, take a nap, and put your head down and sleep

Imma do me

Cause my flow is sick and im advancing too quick

And information wont stick but im sweeter than twix

So i'll hit you with a text and youll be asking whats next

I'm stuck in some traffic trying to not get too vexed

Some advice is not to mess and thats the truth

If you get in my way, I'll switch to another lane and fly right past you

Once I'm at the top Imma stay there forever

Then after I die imma still get better

Everythings a competition and in life theres no defininte winner

So imma stay true to my mission

Ill see life through my eyes

Bypass the drama and the lies

Then at the end God will give me the grand prize

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