memoir of a Rock

November 18, 2011
By aimless_wanderer BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
aimless_wanderer BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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"Shatter all Barriers"

"it's a whole new world out there"

always seen but never noticed,
one-thousand differences but always seen the same
as all the others who lie dormant
still, unmoving to nature’s bellowing chimes
which ring and ding to a force unseen
to the naked eye, but yet, wrapped by a field
I am constrained to the dirt, earth which grips
tenderly around my cracks
formed from heat and pressure
I emerged one with my brothers
connected by crust, separated by lust for freedom
among the wilted flowers and budding weeds
in desolate field wrought by the hands of time
which leave me aged by sun, frozen by moon
who come and go as the please,
“take me with you!”
but my voice goes unheard under the cricket’s noise
triumphed by the horns belonging to a massive metal bull with glowing eyes
who tread quick along black rivers with yellow and white,
gone with the wind i’ve heard, and yet i remain here
hopeful for tomorrow
terrified from the past
unmoving forever here in the present.

The author's comments:
inspiration does not come easily to me, thinking of what may have been or what may be eludes me. Writing from the point of view from a rock interested me, and i pondered the idea of how a rock could come to be or what a rock might go through.

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