Spilling the Truth

November 17, 2011
you shake and shiver until its more than i can take
i want to hold you tight but i don't quite have the right
when you can't quite feel the heat, it's not my excuse it really makes my
heart lose a beat, if your bored you sit and stare
i'm lost for words and can't take you anywhere
when your near and my arms are empty my whole body freaks
to the point i can't see your presence makes me hyper and i want to act mature
so i can turn us to much more even though i write about every night
love is my inspiration to not isn't right deep inside i love you
so much so, yet that doesn't seem to matter even though you know i try to awake from from this dream, prove this can't be real but as i close my eyes your smell is so strong pain can't be i shouldn't feel but i do every bit for you anything you ask of me i won't hesitate in a second i's bleed i'd cry i'd go against fate, i want to get inside you and feel about, inside your mind and nothing more, there's a lot i want to find out, i have so much to say but not enough space, i could go on for days, i guess i'm just saying...

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