A Goddess

November 17, 2011
By NadiaV. BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
NadiaV. BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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Her dark, green eyes hidden behind her fake smile,
yet jump out to me.
I can see into them like open doors.
All the pain and hurt stand on the edge of her eyelids.
one step from jumping off.
what I would give to hold her.
What I would give to completely have her.
Mine, and mine only.

The way her hair falls.
The way her lips slightly shiver.
The way her hands gently touch.
Her skin looks so soft and warm.
But worn out from years of hurt,
from men.
Men just seeing her beauty and using her heart.

Her heart would be like my heart,
I would take care of it,
protect it,
love it,

Unconditionally love
her laugh
her smile
her eyes
her lips
her hair
her hands
her voice
her body.

My mind runs wild with fantasies.
Imagining her soft lips pressed against mine.
Our hands intertwine like deep roots.
Her tender voice flowing in my ear.
The butterflies fluttering as quickly as my heart
Her spell has crashed down on me
and yet I don't mind at all.
Does she know?
Does she know what she does to me?
The urge to just have her close
covers me.

I promise, I would never hurt her.
I would appreciate her better then a man.
Love the things she loves.
Hate the people that hurt her.
She shuts out the world,
not knowing what's out there for her.
A new beginning.
A new life.
True happiness.

Everyday I study her from a distance.
But close enough to smell her sweet perfume
from a small hair flip.
Everyday my feet pull me towards her.
But my body stands still.
Everyday my lips want to say her name.
But my mouth won't open.
Everyday is just a passing moment that she could have been mine.
But I don't know how to begin to talk to a goddess.

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