PB - n - J

November 2, 2011
By , everett, WA
No matter what you say
We are just like pb n’ j
Together forever
To never be severed
You are like my shining star
For only you would I go afar
And to be there no matter where you are
Id swim across the entire sea
All the way up to the shore
Just for one kiss but ill want more
Through the clouds our love flies high
For ill never, ever say goodbye
You have such a gorgeous beauty
But you already know that don’t you cute?
No matter what kind of mess
Ill be there for you no more no less
Id even touch the ocean floor just to show up at your door
Our love is so strong just like a tree
As well as strong but growing and free
As large or bigger than even the forest
And maybe one day we could be tourists
In the place you’d like to see
From what I hear that’s France I see
We will arrive before high noon
Maybe for our honeymoon
And though I see you everyday
You always make me want to stay
In your arms where life’s alive
And I know that we can strive
That’s why no matter what you say
We are just like pb n’ j

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