A Time for Change

November 21, 2011
I am ready to be heard now.
I realize that in the past my courage had
Taken a backseat to my utter discomfort,
And my deafening fear of confrontation
But I am finally ready to stand up for what I know is right.

I realize that I had turned a blind eye to
The pains that had been there the entire time
Starring me in the face
And instead of facing my demons,
I pretended like the problems didn’t even exist.

I had abandoned my morals and my values
To please the very same people
Who I knew would never accept me.
But I let them tear me down anyway
For just one moment to finally fit in

I allowed them to ruin me.
To make me believe that I was worthless
I stood there and let what they said define
The kind of person I was becoming;
Full of imprudent insecurities and sorrow
But I can say that I’m proud
To have made it this far
It took me a long time to understand that
I had nothing to prove to them-
But rather something to fulfill in myself

I came out stronger and wiser than ever before.
And I show the utmost gratitude to
All of the angels who showed me compassion
So with these words I pray
That I can inspire others to speak up as well

I honestly don’t think people understand
The true power of even their smallest actions;
And the consequences that come with them.
And sadly we usually don’t know any better
Until knowing better is no longer useful

So I ask that the next time you speak
That you say something worthy of a breath
That you speak kind, understanding words
Because you never really know
Whose life you will make a difference in today

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