Lost Outcast

November 20, 2011
By Hannahr1234 BRONZE, Montgomery, Texas
Hannahr1234 BRONZE, Montgomery, Texas
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Stepping down down down the stone cold steps
Firmness assures my every touch of the hard concrete.
Worry and confidence overwhelms my mind,
Pondering the words said regarding the actions going to be made.
Playing over my plan of action flash flashes boom at me.
Buzz crackle buzz flash crackle louder and brighter
Fizzy grey screen fuzzing towards squinting slits as eyes.
Its body looking minuscule against its large square of a head
The TV screen snaps of fiery flames and paper pages.
Uneasy footprints carry me towards this mutation
Drawing nearer a chill runs deep through shivering bones.
Its buzzing quits and its pale legs no longer move
One single word pops onto its cracked face.
Familiar with the word that describes me so much.
Separate… from what? Me a loner separated from technological control
Still others held captive in its tight, talon clutches.
Her eyes meet mine, clarifying a comprehension of her difference
Charred palms assure my understanding of her fight against the men of fire
Passing the days salvaging the scorching tales of truth and fiction
Yearning to find an answer to something… something missing
Turning to the only option available,
But there’s no satisfaction in her glassy eyes.
The eyes that match mine identically.

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