Careless World

November 16, 2011
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It’s raining so hard I can barely sleep
Cold as ice, downpour, I can hardly think
I thought the summertime would help melt the sky
Fire rays in the air, no reason to cry
I went ghost so I guess now my ego’s gone
Sword is my pen writing my hero song
Hold the grip form the words in my composition
Back in time there was no competition
Now it’s who’s the best
And go top that
Living in the past so we brought the snapback
Living in the present but the gift is never wrapped
Rhymes were manmade now they got an app for that
In a careless world, the world could care less
Tried to find the answer, didn’t know so I guessed
Teacher sent me back with a frown and an F
It’s funny we once wore crowns and held staffs
Motherland kings and queens become black
Placed in a category, a dark story
Confided and twisted, vision becomes blurry
Always in a rush, never in a hurry
It’s getting cold again; I think it’s about to flurry
With a woman’s rage he** hath no fury
In the summertime
But who really minds, who can find any time
To ever pay attention
Love intertwines with a foolish nation
Addiction is the key to the infliction
Holding a knife with the hope of protection
Hearing stories told but, no connection
Murdering each other in the name of religion
This is me on my road to redemption
Putting our thoughts together and what do we get
A careless world that could care less
And just wants to forget.

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