What My Ex Doesn't Know

November 16, 2011
By Anonymous

What Jared doesn’t know is that I am feeling sad,

But knowing that I didn’t tell him yet makes me feel glad.

He has the same birthday as me,

The same age as me, too;

He has ADHD,

But his love for me—to me—is true.

We went on a date to Home Town Buffet,

But, when I left him, I was filled with dismay.

The kisses weren’t what they seem,

And his voice may sound naïve;

I may have overlooked my perfect dream,

When I had to grieve him and leave.

I hope I find another man,

That’ll treat me like he did;

He loved like no other teen can,

But his knowledge of my feelings for him I must forever forbid.

I broke up with my uncle’s wife’s son,

And without him even knowing it;

Though the damage is already done,

I’m glad that I had split.

You know why?

When he was hyperactive,

He completely ignored and betrayed me;

That to me made him unattractive,

And he wasn’t the kind of person I thought he would be.

Now you know what my Ex doesn’t know…

The author's comments:
My ex had ADHD and his voice sounded like a toddler's, i broke up with him, but he still loves me...

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