November 16, 2011
Don’t fear death, better yet fear absent belief
Grudges are not to be held your whole life
In order to forgive yourself you must forgive your mistakes
Live everyday as if it’s your last
Guilt is an unnecessary emotion, overcome it
Not knowing when your last day will arrive is a gift
We have the opportunity to change our paths
Need not pay attention to death
In doing so we are able to live with no regrets
With no fear of giving life our greatest effort
Everyday we come across new experiences
Some more impacting then others
If we take everything around us in, we have not to worry about missing out
We must not carry such heavy weight on our shoulders
It drains our inner soul
Never think you’re not good enough
You are
The things we overcome everyday are mere accomplishments
We deserve more then what we get
Everyone is fighting a battle they feel is their last
In the end we only have ourselves
Live life focusing on this exact fact
Live for yourself and no long fear death itself

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