November 12, 2011
By JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
JadeAmp SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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Around me, the world is alive
I lay in the soft grass, the sun warming my face
A breeze whispers around me,

Bringing the scent of summer
Above, the trees sway with the breeze,

The leaves rustling quietly to its sigh

Around me, the world is alive
The sunlight filters down through the leaves
Dappled pools of sunlight spilling across my skin
In the distance, I hear laughing,

A joyous sound that fills the air
I hear water, a trickling brook that serpentines

Through the land

Around me, the world is alive
A butterfly flutters near, twirling around

An ancient oak, dancing amongst the flowers
Birds twitter and sing in the intertwining branches,

Welcoming the summer sun.
I sit up and let the breeze catch my hair,

Playfully whipping it around my face

Tickling it against my skin

Around me, the world is alive
The sun reflects off the ripples of the stream
Its reflection glimmering on my skin
Creating figures on the river rocks that run and dance
Leaves carried by the breeze whip around me, caressing me,

Asking me to play.
I laugh, spinning in circles, staring up into the world above me
The leaves spiral up into the air, towards the blue endless sky
And become one with the wind,

On to other worlds
Around me, the world is alive.

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