November 9, 2011
By marya3 GOLD, Brighton, Michigan
marya3 GOLD, Brighton, Michigan
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You flip your hair,
Making waves throughout the ocean
You smile,
Without knowing the hurt that surrounds the Earth
You laugh,
Never taking anything too serious
You focus,
Never taking your eyes off the prize
You are honest,
Not caring about what the truth is
You forgive,
But never forget
You shine,
For the whole world to see your radiant glow
You are smart,
Always knowing the right answer
You are mature,
Always acting your age
You are unselfish,
Constantly willing to give to others
You are brave,
Willing to stand up for what is right
You are gentle,
Calm with every touch
You are strong,
Always ready to protect to me
You dream,
Forgetting about reality
Everything you do is perfect
Perfect to you,
But even more perfect to me.

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