Receeding Memories

November 17, 2011
By whenshesmiles311 BRONZE, Trenton, Texas
whenshesmiles311 BRONZE, Trenton, Texas
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Living in a delicate world,
mark the day of your death.
I's okay, everything will be alright.
Sure, you're falling apart;
Yeah, they know.
Trust me, they don't care.
All of your pain will go away.
Is it not enough for you to just breathe?
Take in slow, deep breaths.
Relax. It's going to be okay.
Lies! I'm lying to you.
It won't get better, you won't ever be happy again, ever.
Only because you won't let yourself be.
You won't allow your mind to roam to another place.
Instead you trap yourself in Lies, drugs, Suicidal thoughts.
You go out of your way to get that high.
You feel like a completely different person, an a whole other universe.
You went out of your will just to get that rush.
Night after night, that was your escape.
The routine never changed.
Did you know what the truth was?
Did you know how to lie?
I saw the pain in your eyes,
and you knew that.
You told me everything!
I was your safe place,
and you were mine.
You just couldn't get enough of them, could you?
Not even long enough to put your life back together.
Injection after injection; just to feel a rush.
A rush that could eventually kill you.
Did you care?
No, of course not, why would you?
At this point you were completely numb.
Not in control.
What caused all of it?
You're just fine, until someone asks you if you're okay,
then all of a sudden it's like you're whole world completely fell apart;
blew up; the time bomb getting closer and closer to demolition.
Did yours finally click?

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