November 4, 2011
Striding turns into stepping
Stepping turns into trudging
Trudging turns into dragging
And, countless steps later
I rest
Heart pounding, I gasp for breath
Take in the scene around my
A typical forest for the area
Impossibly tall trees
Underbrush that eagerly grabs for anyone
Passing by
The dirt trail I sit on
Is now spotted with wet from the
Perspiration flowing freely in my pores
And the water escaping down my chin
That I gulp thirstily
For a while I remain still except for
A pulse roaring in my ears
I sense the mountain beneath me
Am awed by its sheer magnificence
Next to which I feel as a speck
Energy is returning by now
Flowing to my lungs
Reaching through each limb
Pulling on my fingers and toes
Allowing me to stand
And continue on
The end of the trail coming closer with
Each step
As dragging turns into trudging
Trudging turns into stepping
And stepping turns into striding

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