Lily's Regime

November 4, 2011
The red haired queen
upon her throne
and sweet smelling
With her words in the condescending tone
written upon the
backs of our
hands so as not to forget
never forget
what she has done
for us
No we will never be able to forget
her taunts
and arbitrary deeds
of running lips
knifing tongue
Cutting into
our hopes and dreams
but shes a
teenage dream
the boys drool
upon her feet
and wipe it up
with the sweat
of their jerseys
The red curls upon her head
keep your eyes focused
less on
what she says
the green eyes keep
you mesmerized as she uses you
the scars I have
won't bleed
cut into
the bone
that only love
alone would heal
but this ginger queen
without a soul
and I
am but a
boyer under
her cruel

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