You are Perfect

November 9, 2011
By butface BRONZE, Butward, Other
butface BRONZE, Butward, Other
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You are perfect.
You are beautiful.
The words leave their lips and hang in the air
Like pearls
As a young child you believe
The world
Is your playground, yours to explore
the rest of the planets might as well orbit you
and then
then you walk through the doors marked high school,
or school of the high, depending on how you look
and the words your mamma told you when you small
they disappear, cuz here you don’t matter at all.
Here, you’re just swimming with the tide,
One false move and your pride,
Is gone, an outcast in a sea of lies,
Desperate to stop,
Desperate to cry,
And that’s why,
You are perfect.
You are beautiful.
Everyone stops, looks around,
To see the pour soul who has proclaimed their confidence in themselves,
Because here, that’s a mistake.
A no-no.

The author's comments:
This was written in an emotional rant about the invisible message in high school, "you are nobody".

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