You Left Me.

November 9, 2011
By soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
soccer24swim30 PLATINUM, Bangor, Maine
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I loved you,
I thought you loved me,
but I was wrong.

You loved yourself,
Your clothes your hair,
more than me.

Another girl came,
prettier than me,
and you tossed me away,
like last seasons jeans.

You left me so easily,
you proved me wrong.
There is no longer an US,
Just you and me... seperately.

You left me so easily,
like cereal that goes stale.
You left me so easily,
like a mother sparrow leaving her baby.

You left me so easily,
My heart is broken,
all because you left me.

You left me,
because she looks pretty on film,
she understands fashion,
and as a brain the size of a ping pong ball.

You left me so easily,
so I'll forget about you...
Even easier.

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