November 9, 2011
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Each piece struggles with aggression to the unknown ignorance of the world , the little things in life can knock you down to the steepest hill and drag you across the lowest valley . i cant even describe the way i gather these pieces if my mind is lost , lost at a stand still , almost to the point of no return . The feeling of the daze through the days , prolong my weary future , and thoughts of the dark side sit back and watch them tear each other apart ! Words of another will never make me cry but the fatal conflict at hand is that they will never understand the way i think or the way i am . i don't have to explain , thats just the way it is . i try and communicate but i lost that voice , that now sits and observes in the back of my head. 
Driving so fast , life on the highway , i am way past  the speed limit. walking so slow , so far , you cannot even see my footsteps . i have a way to make it to the top , a plan sorta guaranteed                                                                                                                                                                      to work ! Want to know ? i Cant say , i might have to kill you . i only have so many thoughts , because i cant organize the way i think . Pick me up off the ground , lift me into the stars , or you can just leave me on Mars , i warn you i am not the easiest soul ; i drift , lost soul , but promise not to let me go . Hold on tight and tell the truth , Here only lies ca hurt you , Have no fears , ill save the day , i can try and take your pain away , close to my heart , lay on my shoulder , don't let them see you sweat , ill let you know when the judgement is over , Breathe , 

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