What I Know

November 8, 2011
By Anonymous

First day of camp; saw you working the room
Wish I could approach from afar
Worked up the courage
Bonding over Gilmore Girls commenced
And minutes later, you asked for my number
Such a small gesture, but a first for me
The embarkation of my heart on a journey
But soon camp was ending
I thought I'd be losing my chance with you
Not so, as when we left, the texts filled in any doubt
Up every night, telling you the most intimate details about myself
The year passed and I knew I was falling for you
What luck that we ended up at the same college?
Right, not luck.
None of this was luck
All but a facade
Because there was her
And I was crushed
You stole my first kiss
Not that I'd want anyone else to have it
But what you didn't know
Was at that instant
You took my heart as well
And then you took her back
And here you are, living your "happy ever after"
Over a year later
Can I have my heart back please?
It seems to still be with you

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