Turned Tables

November 8, 2011
By Sarahjane17 SILVER, Macedon, New York
Sarahjane17 SILVER, Macedon, New York
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I tried not to over-analyze
Like I always do
I didn’t want to believe
The one to hurt me would be you

You gave advice
We had a fight
All because
I knew you were right

Now, my dear
The tables have turned
I feel as though
I was unexpectedly burned

You want him
I know it’s a bad thing
You’ll get hurt
Like I was in the spring

And what’s worse is that
You’ve hurt your best friend
And that I’m fine
I can no longer pretend

I’ve always seen you
As such a great friend
I knew our friendship
Would have no end

I promise you now
You’re still my friend
But that I’m okay
I refuse to pretend

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