Deadly Secrets

November 15, 2011
By Keyana77134 BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
Keyana77134 BRONZE, Lodi, Wisconsin
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"The best way to protect your heart is to pretend you don't have one."<3

She was lying on her bed,
Brushing away her tears.
She was hiding under a blanket,
Covering up all of her fears.
She didn't know what was right,
She didn't know what was wrong.
She tried to hide from her past,
But the memories were just too long.
Its always going to be there with her,
every ounce, inch, and pound.
What she did to herself,
again and again until no remains were found.
Nobody tried to help her,
Until it was much too late.
Nobody was able to see,
Death was soon to be her fate.
With every person who called her fat,
Her mind came to a terrible thinking.
With every meal she avoided,
Her pants size and life-line was shrinking.
Soon after all of the hiding,
Her body hit the ground.
Soon after all of the starving,
From her body came no sound.

The author's comments:
We've all wanted try to fit in somehow. It may have been wearing something you weren't comfortable wearing to look pretty/sexy, doing something outside of your comfort zone to look look, or even possibly starving yourself to be skinny. But you might not realize the consequences until its too late. Some people don't realize it though because the outcome was death. Think things threw before you do them. But remember,you are perfect just the way you are. Never change yourself for anyone. Its better to be hated by all but few people for being yourself than to be loved by everyone and hated by few for being someone you aren't.

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