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November 15, 2011
By m.rose.k BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
m.rose.k BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Favorite Quote:
"However vast the darkness, you must supply your own light"

The ashes would have blown over

The fault in their stars could have been fixed

And the light in her eyes could have been his

The feeling of her pulse now withers in his bones

But she couldn’t let him go

His sweet kiss and forgotten caresses

They used to be hers

She would carry them in her pocket and feel so silly and loved and wanted

She secured herself around the thought of his love

But that too has withered

And now her breath and arms loosen to his absence

The black slips into the grey

And now when she gazes up at the stars he won’t be looking out with her

But into the eyes of another girl

His muscles and bend of bones and tissue radiate warmth around her clinging form

Around her body and around her warmth he would love and sleep as she grew smaller in the distance wondering where she had been all her life

Where her tongue had tied and slipped into shapes of emotion and threads of words

Where her fingers lapsed over the dents and dips of his carpet as she felt his finger hum dizzy songs into the bones of her back

Where had she been?

Where had her love been sent?

As soft tears sprang and the push of his arms left in traces of whispers and phantom patterns

She saw nothing and couldn’t help but feel so hallow

As soft tears sprang over her clouded face

She would rely on love to cure her affectation of calm

As the moon slipped into the abyss of another sky she would wake up to the sun

She could feel the weight of phantom limbs entangled within her pockets full of promise

As the moon slipped into the sky he forced himself asleep for in dreams his ruminations and trepidations lay in boxes under earth and his careless ways would be jettisoned in the sea

He would remember his humming dizzy songs and smile in sleep

As the fat white stone illuminated the spark in her eyes

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