The Beginning

November 14, 2011
By Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
Eagle PLATINUM, Park City, Utah
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George Carlin

Walking in the forest you can feel it
It’s everywhere, pulsing
The world seems to move, to breathe

It’s the best thing to have
Even if you don’t want it
With it you have the opportunity to do anything

It’s what we all have and are afraid to lose
And what is mourned when lost
Especially those things close to you

What I speak of is life
By definition
Existence in the physical world

But oh it means so much more
In some cases it can’t be explained
In most its explanation could fill a book

Life’s a cycle, a wonderful cycle
A process where even if it hurts us we help others
Despite base instincts to help ourselves

Sometimes life permits us
To put another in front of us
But only sometimes can life be so amazing

Life can be mundane, or boring
But in those times
We live for the fun ones

The happy, joyful, peaceful, exciting times
Where life is at its greatest
And all is good

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