November 14, 2011
By Jenniemuffins BRONZE, New City, New York
Jenniemuffins BRONZE, New City, New York
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It all begins with a flame,
This feeling which cannot be tamed.
Stare straight ahead but what do you see?
Everything fades to black except that of which you seek.
It overpowers the human mind like a disease,
Bringing even the strongest of soldiers to their knees.
With bloodshot eyes and swollen lips he begs, "Please?"
For the woman who stole his heart away with ease.
To feel her touch, numbs.
To catch her scent, his heartbeat runs.
Sixty thousand miles down the track,
But there's no doubt in her mind,
He will be coming back.
So in his head he'll trace her curves,
The way she swerves,
Those lips that cure,
The amazing ability to unnerve with even the softest touch.
And with the blink of an eye, he'll feel a rush.
Ivory skin contrast the parting of scarlet lips that
Crush and crumble.
So his thoughts will stumble.
But he won't emit yet a mumble.
He'll only question, "is any of this real?"
But she'll quickly seal away all that he feels.
And reality will forevermore be concealed.
No thoughts are allowed,
For it is lust and it is ever so proud.

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