Why won't you?

November 14, 2011

my silent screams, my unseen tears,
the constant battles against my fears are all ignored.
like salt in blistering sores they burn my insides.
and i'm on fire it takes me higher away from you
but we'll ignore the distance, the millions of miles
cuz thats what we do; we hide pain with bright smiles
meant to smooth it all over
but some wrinkles can't be ironed out.
i just want to run and SHOUT!
but i can't. cuz thats not what we do
we cross our legs and smile while our hearts split in two
our souls cry for release; they're shrieking and the pain won't ease
but don't give in.
if you ignore the pain, your armour grows stronger
no torrent of rain will get your hair wet
cuz you're in a bubble that soon will pop
the weasel will run and the easel will drop
and splash go the paints as you pick up a mop
but first you'll stop to cry with me

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