The titular phrase

November 14, 2011

my eyes won't stop dispensing.. liquid sadness, water, tears
i don't want to live in fear that I could ever fall from the graces of those whose faces are ingrained in my brain, but i am the fallen. trust, mistrust, this is unjust. if u must, deal with me be it ever so severely. i try. to fly but the flying won't last. i fly into the past but i can't go back. the brick wall's been stacked and i lack the strength to push only u have the bulldozer strong enough to conquer the mortar and make my pain shorter. but u won't. and i don't know what i can do, my head hurts and my heart breaks in two but we still stand here. face to face, eye to eye and the tears won't stop.

The author's comments:
Trust is something that can be earned pretty easily, but once lost is almost impossible to regain. This is something that I try to remember every day, but sometime I don't. Hence the poem!

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