The Meaning of Life?

November 14, 2011
By , Plainsboro, NJ
We all must die some day.
It matters not how old we were
when we died,
how we died,
or even where we died.
All of us have to die off someday,
and let the new generation sprout up.
But they too,
have to die off someday.

So what is the point of
making a difference
in the world?
What is the point
of not being able to do
what you want to do?
What is the point
of not having fun in life,
while you can enjoy it?

this leads
to a question,
a question that truly
baffles everyone,
the question with
many answers,
but no correct answer.
"What DOES happen when we die?"
Are our spirits let free,
their goal to bring
bad luck to the mortal world?
Do we simply gaze into nothingness,
empty, nothingness?
Do our spirits go to
Heaven or Hell, depending
on how we acted when
we were mere mortals?
Are we reincarnated
over and over?

But then,
from this question,
another impossible
question arises.
"Why do we even exist?"
Are we pitiful
dolls of the lord?
Are we an experiment,
gone horribly wrong?
Are we gods
in mortal form,
only wanting
to pass the time,
and have fun?
Are we organisms,
that were created
during the "Big Bang?"
What are we?
What is our purpose?

Life is full of unanswered questions,
that's the way it is,
and we can't change it.
One thing is for certain though:
life is short.
We don't know what will
happen to us,
so make the most of life.
Open the way
for future generations.
But most important of all,
just have fun.

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