people who live in places filled with things

November 14, 2011
By bip0larmentality BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
bip0larmentality BRONZE, Wheaton, Illinois
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In my lifetime,
I have seen many things.
I have met many people,
seen many places,
held many objects in the palms of my hands.
But these people, places, and things, they are so
small, there are so many larger things
in this world. There are feelings,
and this planet, and the sky,
so many clouds, so many miles
of endless sky, blue, beautiful
skies are above us and we are
tiny, so tiny, in this universe we reside in.
Compared to our planet, even our moon, let alone
our sun, we are miniscule, fragile,
the lives we lead short and (hopefully) worthwhile.
Our sun isn't the biggest star in the galaxy, you know,
and there are many more galaxies in our known universe,
with bigger stars, planets, and moons, and our universe itself is
massive. We are so tiny, our planet is so tiny, we are fragments
of tiny specks of dust on the universal spectrum.
We are people who live in places filled with things, and we speak in
sentences full of verbs and nouns and adjectives to tell everyone
about this wonderful world we live in, even though what we see
is just a tiny little fraction of the wonderful or terrible things
that we could be seeing. Yet we are ungrateful,
we are constantly complaining that we are unhappy with the lives we lead.
We live in a world of vast possibilities and great opportunities, stuffed to the brim
with infinite decisions, an uncountable number of choices, and so many things
to cease the tedious struggle of boredom. We should never be
allowed to say that we are bored because, guess what?
We live in a beautiful world, no matter how small, and it is
filled, stuffed to the brim with
gorgeous places, spectacular people, and remarkable places to feast our eyes on.
In the end, we are just people who live in places filled with things,
whether that place is a motel room on Route 59 or
a castle in some secluded island in the ocean. We live and we feel and
we breathe and we hurt and then we die. Everything as we know it
stops. Our existence ceases. And guess what?
We can't get it back once it's gone, and any little thing that we do today
may affect our lives 2, 5, 10, 20 years from today. From this very second.
Imagine that.
The direction we turn when we leave our homes this morning could change our lives forever.
In a heartbeat.
In a heartbeat.

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