November 13, 2011
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And then the devil got on one knee and kissed me?
Told me everything would be okay.?
He handed me a crumpled up napkin
?Got up and walked away.?
My body grew cold as a winters night?I yelled for him to stay.
?He turned around and winked at me?
I knew I couldn’t betray.?
I opened up my crumpled napkin
?Read everything it had to say.
?Closed my eyes and smiled 
?Got up and walked away.
?I Found myself in a long dark room
?A body in bed on display.
?I lit my match and watched her burn?
crispy to a fillet
.?I turned my back and left the flames
?Inhaling the scent of decay.?
The devil had been waiting for me.?
pleased by my obey.
?He got on one knee and kissed me
?Told me everything would be okay.
?He handed me a crumpled napkin?
Got up and walked away.

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