Going for a swim on some hot August afternoon

November 13, 2011
By i-have-heard BRONZE, Middleton, Massachusetts
i-have-heard BRONZE, Middleton, Massachusetts
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now the water fills my nose and my lungs.
its burns and burns and burns and burns
and the burning is a comfort to me.
I see no faces inside my eyelids,
no voices that I would miss,
for I am a single entity
floating in an infinite womb.
no hands to reach out with.
the water is all around me.
stretching on and on infinitely
I close my eyes, is this heaven?
no reply, there is no one here
I don’t want anyone else
I don’t deserve anyone else
the water fills my brain
I am sinking into the
universe of my mind
it is always quiet
I can’t breathe
I’m drowning
this is where I
belong this
is what I
want what
I’ve wanted
all along this

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