I don't Mind

November 8, 2011
By JRappold BRONZE, Charlottesville, Virginia
JRappold BRONZE, Charlottesville, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"I am the california Condor, I eat death for breakfast."

I forgot my brain today, it walked out on me again yesterday.
I bought a new pair of boots the day my good friend died.
Got some gel slicked back my hair while my best friend cried.
I’m told it should have been me that died. One voice laughed while the other cried.
Now I walk across the sky length wise to the moon, Sun is shining in my eyes
I don’t think that I mind.
My mind is gone and so am I call me when I’m home, until I get back just wave and say good bye.
Drove across 250 with my cigarette burnt down to my lips.
Im off to California where the rich people go. I’ll go to seattle where the death rate grows. I’ll do a dance on Johnny’s grave watch him as he grows.
I don’t think I mind, the pain in my chest is really quite sublime
Now I walk across the sky sun is on my mind. I fall down rainbows.
When I land, I hope that you’ll catch me, If you don’t I wouldn’t hold it against you, you’ve got bigger better things than to be around me.
I don’t think I mind the idea of loneliness
I don’t think I mind the bumps and bruises from where I fell
Because if it wasn’t for the ground I would have landed in He**.
I don’t think I mind too much the pain inside
But who knows, I could have just lied.

The author's comments:
being a shell for what is to come. being alone. ya know?

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