November 8, 2011
By Prettygirlrocks BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Prettygirlrocks BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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One of the things that keeps me out  of trouble is doing sum thing creative - creativity can't be judged

Walking with him, it's like all eyes on us. I guess we can't help it, he's just a wanted man, I on the other hand, am just a wanted girl. 

I feel so comfortable with him, so protected, like no harm could do me. Can't stay a day without hearing from him. 

We're from two completely different worlds colliding together.. Emerging so close just to be one. Holding each other so close, not even air could pass through.. 

Trying not to fall so quick, but it's like when ever my world comes crashing down, he is the one to help put back the pieces of my confusing puzzle.. It won't ever be perfect because the lines will always be there to remember, but he helps taking my mind off of it for a while at least. 

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