Prison of Damnation

November 11, 2011
By winieandrea PLATINUM, Pekalongan, Other
winieandrea PLATINUM, Pekalongan, Other
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Put me to sleep in the Halls of White,
Cleanse my body pure with your might;
“Thou shall not covet” they dictate
And I shall not act as for a fate.

But still I dare myself to see the light;
My eyes opened in the darkness of the night,
Hearing voices from the great down below
Pulling me closer to the forbidden Hollow.

“Free my heart, free my soul!
Let my hands flee this hole!

My body imprisoned for its sleaze,
So into your mind shall it seize,
Mark you ill and all shall freeze.”

Their hands bind me still—
The shadows and I adjoin.
Let me go—I lost my will:
To the Devil I shall give in.

“Free my heart, free my soul!
Come enter and become whole!
Open the door and you shall see
That you, too, are part of me.”

I know then of my heart’s ardor:
These Halls of White are mine to reign
For I crave for that sweet odor,
And those stars for myself to gain.

So go back to sleep to the Halls of White,
Let thoughts come by the edge of night.

My eyes opened in a brand new sight,
My desire burns by the candlelight.

The author's comments:
This poem is inspired by Ayn Rand's Anthem.

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