November 11, 2011
I couldn’t believe it

I refuse to believe it

A hole has been punched through my heart

I feel like I’ve lost a brother

A partner in crime

He died right before my eyes

And there was nothing I could do

But cry

I cried and cried until there were
no tears left

I feel empty and lost and confused

Why did it have to happen?

I want to cry

But I just can’t

I want to scream

But I just can’t

After he died,

I shut down

I try to come back

But I just can’t

I fought with him

Through thick and thin

I saved his life

He saved mine

He gave me reason

He gave me hope

But now that he’s gone

I’ve lost everything

I don’t want to believe that he’s
really gone

But I watched the life leave his

I listened to his final words

His final breath

He will remain a part of my heart

I will always remember him

He will always be my partner in
crime and justice

One day, I will avenge you

But until then

Rest in peace

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