Love and Life

November 10, 2011
I remember meeting you

Shaking your hand studying your stance

& folllwoing your moves

of like, & personality, just your simple rules.

We clicked with each other had so much in common

common in little things I can’t even remember.

The roughness of your palm when it would rub against mine

Our fingers would collapse in each other’s space.

& till this day there are no fingers that can’t shape it.

Damn, can’t even replace it nor mistake it.

I’ve tried drowning you out but it seems you’ve learned to swim.

My brain has a loop hole through the sytsem that you’ve seem to win.

& I just want to be with you,

is that so bad?

I didn’t think so.

I thought each other was all we had,

but you didn’t think so.

I guess i’ll never understand.

I’ll know more about you then they do,

like your certain tatoos the story behind them,

What you want to do in life

Who inspires you & why.

I can guess all the little details,

like your favorite color, and your favorite scents & smells.

I guess what i’m trying to get to you ,

is that no one will be as interested in you,

as i was. Still am.

Kinda crazy right?

It’s funny, this thing.. it’s just Life

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