This is my Freedom

November 5, 2011
throughout the hall the eyes follow,
peering at us through a thick sea
of bodies, bags, and speech.
my hand is cradled within hers,
she wouldn't let me go.
she rubs her soft thumb across my own
and i know that this is where i should be.
with a deep breath
i push through the crowd, barely trailing behind her
but still letting her lead the way.
we are different than these people.
we are not the same
but i don't care.
i don't care that they're probably
snickering at us
that they're talking about how disgusting it is,
how it's against nature.
it all melts away into another recess of my mind
when she smiles and her warm brown eyes
meet mine.
im right, i'm wonderful, and even if this isn't normal to them, this is normal to me.
this is who i am.

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