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November 5, 2011
By , Greensboro, NC
For Christmas Mommy gave me
a shirt
some shoes and a
skein of yarn.
Daddy gave me
a book
a picture and
a pair of socks.
Clara gave me
a book
and more yarn.
The cousins sent a canvas satchel.

MawMaw gave me Rhythm.
PawPaw gave me Verse.

Eight books total,
curling, yellow pages.
Inked to the sides,
careful cursive notes.

I don't ask.
I don't have to.

PawPaw got a Ph.D.
PawPaw taught in
Sunny California.

PawPaw taught
What poetry meant.

I crack the cover of
ee cummings.
A folded slip of paper
glides to my lap.

I. Paraphrase and comment on Sonnet CXVI, p. 157

PawPaw used to teach
What poetry means...

MawMaw helped him
They sat in the basement

Dickenson and
Keats and
Barrett Browning and

MawMaw gave me Rhythm.
PawPaw gave me Verse.

Carefully inked on the edges are

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