October 6, 2011
Darkness, come back to me,

Free me from these angels of light,

Protect me from the sunshine,

Let me dwell in your shadows,

So that they cannot find me.

Let me slumber in your cold embrace,

These nightmare's will numb the pain,

Darkness, my only love,

Promise me you will never forsake me,

As they have.

I feel my heart turning to lead,

My soul is burning away,

In this heaven of light,

I cannot survive much longer.

Darkness, take me,

Behind your blackness I may hide,

With your softness I can dry these eyes,

They bleed, as my heart does,

The abyss is my sanctuary,

The shadows, my shiled,

I cannot control this lacrymosa,

This misery and hate,

These nightmares tell of an apocalypse,

I hear spirits singing mourning songs in my head,

Lacrymosa and darkness,

The only things I need.

For without my sorrow,

I am dead.

Darkness, be my salvation,

Let me dwell in eternal night,

Lovely, lovely night,

Here I can hide.

Still I bleed,

Crimson in the blackness,

As I open my eyes and gaze to the sky,

I see the light once more,

Reaching garish pearlescent arms,

To try and take me from the darkness.

I do not want to leave you,

Save me and my insanity,

Oh, lacrymosa, never let me go,

Hold me in the darkness,

But be silent, sorrow,

Or the angels may hear,

They are searching for me.

Darkness, you are my salvation,

You are the only truth in the lies,

The darkness in the evil light,

And you sing to me,

With a voice haunting and lovely,

Raising above the screams inside,

You comfort me once more with your soothing song,

Your song of lacrymosa,

With it I am no longer alone,

I have my darkness,

My dearly beloved,

You will never leave,

Never stop loving me as they have,

Never tear out my heart and leave me to bleed,

Instead, you sew together what they broke,

Using your beautiful design.

Darkness, I give myself to you,

Sing your lacrymosa once again.

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