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Is There Hope

November 5, 2011
By RakshaMalayka PLATINUM, West Allis, Wisconsin
RakshaMalayka PLATINUM, West Allis, Wisconsin
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L'amore che muove il sole l'altre stelle.

There's this girl
She walks around half hidden behind her hair,
Dressed in shadows.
She spends her time alone in her room with the light off,
Music blasting
Everyone thinks she is a freak
No one knows what she's been through,
No one knows the truth.
This girl is sad inside
She's been abandoned too many times,
Yelled at too much,
And had her heart shattered.
She's always looking for a way out,
Wishing someone cared,
Wanting to feel some kind of warmth in her life again,
But nothing lasts.
Her emotions run deep,
Her blood runs thick
She's sick and waiting,
Wanting and pleading
She wants her life back.
Will she find the help she seeks,
Will she find the strength she needs,
Will her heart finally mend,
Will she finally be freed?
Is there hope?

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