Round and Round

November 4, 2011
By redneck,girl PLATINUM, Fowler, Michigan
redneck,girl PLATINUM, Fowler, Michigan
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Round and round my head is spinning.
Who are my friends?
who is kidding?
Where do I go?
Who should I really love?
Who loves me the way I am?
Who loves me outside and in?
round and round my head has stopped spinning.
you are my love.
you are my life.
you love me the way i am,
all the way from the way I am, all the way from the outside in.
Round and round my head is spinning.
They love me, they hurt me.
I feel like they're killing me.
Killing me not from the outside in,
but from words that work from the inside out.
Round and round you make my head stop spinning.
You make it better.
You make me happy.
You show me a new life.
one without pain, full of love,empty of hate

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