November 4, 2011
As I walk through the field of passion only one sprout catches my eye
This one sprout stands out above all with a vivid aroma of preternatural bliss
This one sprout lusts for its one true chance at love
I gaze through the field with awe at how such a beautiful blossom could be left forsaken
What fool is he who doesn't undertake the opportunity to foresee a miracle in the making
I take one step toward the sprout..
My heart begins to pound.
I take another
I slowly begin to sweat
I take yet another and the sprout is within touch
My passion surrounds the sprout
The intensity engulfs the marvel
It begins to blossom
The petals are the most resplendent things I've ever witnessed
I reach out and touch the now blossomed beauty
Love warms my entire heart and soul
This beautiful blossom begins to mold into what truly hides within itself
I take a closer look
Now this miraculous blossom has transformed
Transformed into

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