November 6, 2011
By livetowrite SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
livetowrite SILVER, Roslyn Heights, New York
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The clock ticks
The clock tocks
I am sitting
Right over there
Allowing myself to be mocked

Tormented, Bullied, put down
They do this
They just want one thing
They want to see me frown

But that wont happen you see
I’m afraid to say
I wont give the satisfaction
No I will not
Not that way

I am afraid of movies
Some animals at the zoo
And to your ultimate disappointment
Yes I’m sure
I am not afraid of you

Each person has a person
Someone who made them like this
A tormenter, torturer, bully
That goes unnoticed
That is the one fact every one will miss

So I wont let it happen
Not to me
They will try
I wont do it
Just to let them see

We all aren’t like this
I can tell you that
I wont be stepped on
Or have them wipe their shoes on my face
Like a doormat

The author's comments:
Everyday I see people get bullied. But sometimes its not the kind of bulling they talk about in seminars or assemblies. Its invisible almost, a snide remark in passing that has more gravity than you realize. All those things can add up and I think people should be more aware of it.

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