Wedding Poem

November 2, 2011
By AliKate BRONZE, Salt Lake, Utah
AliKate BRONZE, Salt Lake, Utah
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two halves of the same soul,
joining together in life’s journey.
today we went to the temple,
to seal them for eternity.

After having 2 boys,
mom was yearning for a little girl.
finally, to her delight,
she got her precious pearl.

Looking through home videos,
she claims she was ignored.
but in reality,
she was greatly adored.

Not much of a sports person,
accident prone to say the least.
although, her game was soccer,
and in that she was a beast.

As she got older ,
she taught her self to sing and play the guitar.
I wouldn’t be surprised ,
if one day she became a star.

In High Schoo,l she met her special one,
Bryan is his name.
the first time she saw him,
he was playing a basketball game.

Hanging out everyday,
he became her best friend.
laughing, joking and playing,
it seemed it would never end.

Their first kiss is quite a story,
ask their friends, it’s pretty funny.
I’m sure they would rein act it,
for a little bit of money.

Bryan left for Puerto Rico on his mission,
and Colbie was very sad.
faithfully, she wrote him every month,
and of that, I’m sure, Bryan was glad.

His mission was extended,
and Colbie became stressed.
he came home on her birthday,
that present, was surely the best.

Taking naps on our couch,
soon became a routine.
while watching ‘friends’ all day,
on the big TV screen.

The engagement couldn’t wait any longer,
they had to get married.
Kylie and I taking pictures,
in the mud we were buried.

Blind folded she was,
as he got down on one knee.
he popped the big question,
“Will you marry me?”

Colbie, Dad is up in Heaven now,
But he is right by your side.
He would never miss out on the day,
that you become a bride.

Although he is not here with you to hold your hand-
and give your heart away.
To a man HE chose to take care of you,
forever from this day.

Today, as you place your hand in Bryan’s,
with blessings, and with pride.
Just remember,
That Dad is by your side.

She could not have asked for a better man,
to stand beside her until the very end.
he is not only her husband,
but her very, best friend.

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