Death the Kid

October 29, 2011
By Dem0nSoulEater GOLD, Nonyobuisness, California
Dem0nSoulEater GOLD, Nonyobuisness, California
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Favorite Quote:
"it is the source of all true art and science" Albert Einstien, talking of the mysterous

You are a student at the Acadamy
With the street smart sisters, Liz and Patty
With black hair and white highlights
You are skilled at any of the fights
You are friends with Maka and Soul
You're a Reaper and chose to enroll
You need to collect Kishin souls two times over
You can't stand the sight of an asymetric clover
You hang out with Black Star and Tsubaki
Even though he's way to cocky
You have a flying skateboard tou can summon
No offence Patty, but your the dumb one
Your death weapons are the Thompson Sisters
You were unfazed with Liz in your face "hey mister!"
You're zombie teacher is Sid
You're bad a** and shoot with you're pinkies, you're Death the Kid

The author's comments:
soul eater, anime. Awsome show and comic. one of the characters, Death the Kid and his pistols Liz and Patty

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