Remember You

October 29, 2011
I thought about you today
after all these years.
I couldn't remember your name at first
or how you died.
Couldn't remember us,
building snow forts
or drinking long from a cup of hot chocolate.
But now that I remember
I sit here wondering
if I could have changed it.
Wondering if,
I could have stopped you
from picking up that gun.
But you can't stop somebody
you don't remember anyways
and I had forgotten you.
Did you forget me, too?
Maybe if we had remembered
we could have saved each other
but instead
remembrance happened,
just a little too late
and you were just a little too
Did your once careful fingers
realize the crudeness of the gun in your hands?
Did you remember me,
or your soft voiced mother
while everything was fleeting?
Your name was Christian
You had hair of the darkest colors
But I forgot, and you became lost.
You ended it all with a
and I

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