The Journey Of A Phenomenal Woman

October 29, 2011
By Shavonna BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
Shavonna BRONZE, Norwalk, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"Do I trust some and be fooled by phoniness, or do I trust no one and live in loneliness?"

You’ve come too far to give up now
Years of facing the struggles and hardships that comes with this thing that we call Life
Life doesn’t come with instructions
Though you’ve always found a way to create and follow your own steps
You’ve gained, and you’ve lost
But you’ve come too far to give up now
You independently raise the precious lives you’ve created
A job that you’ve taken on for years
Without the help that should be provided
But you’ve come too far to give up now
You are a respectable woman
A fashion statement
Beautiful on the inside and out
A provider
A lover
A hard worker
You are simply. . .

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